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Located 75km north of Carnarvon all by bitumen road, this natural phenomenon is an awe inspiring sight to see. The Carnarvon Blowholes were discovered in 1911 and form a natural spectacle as swells force water thorugh sea caves and up out of narrow holes in the rocks, jets of water erupt into the air, sometimes to a height of 20 metres, creating a spectacular sight.

Also just 1 kilometre south of the Blowholes is a calm coral filled lagoon with fish and shells in abundance. With a white sandy beach this area is ideal for snorkelling and a great family picnic spot much favoured by locals. This is also a camping area with an overnight fee to be paid to the site ranger.


Although the coast is serene and yet rugged it can be deadly, with a dangerous swell that can turn into King Waves, capable of crashing over the top of the rock ledge. This coast line needs to be treated with caution and care - lives have been lost by unsuspecting souls here.


Location: Via Beach Road, Carnarvon


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